When purchasing Jungle Shiba you are taxed at 15%. This is how the split works-

7% Banana(ApeSwapFinance) Rewards
4% Marketing
4% Liquidity pool

When selling Jungle Shiba you are taxed at 18%, the tax is slightly higher since we want to prevent scalpers from manipulating prices.

The split is as follows-

10% Banana(ApeSwapFinance) Rewards
4% Marketing
4% Liquidity pool

Our Features

JungleShiba is unlike any other token, below are a few features that truly sets us apart from the competition.

Redistribution Scheme

Keeping your JungleShiba Tokens can provide you with a source of passive income. Holders receive a percentage of each transaction, letting your JungleShiba Balance to grow eternally

Earn Rewards by Holding

To get in touch with the Jungle concept, holders of the Jungle Shiba token will be rewarded with Bananas(ApeSwap Finance). You don’t even have to claim these tokens, they’ll be automatically sent to your wallet every 6 hours. We believe 6 hours was the most suited time for the rewards since it’ll ensure you get a reward every time, other projects that do hourly rewards encounter the problem of gas fees being high causing no rewards to be sent out. This in turn causes fud and sends the price, you guessed it, CRASHING.

Transparency and Rug Proof

The JungleShiba Token team believes that transparency is what makes large projects successful. We take pride in expressing our viewpoints and responding to any concerns you may have. DXSale will also lock in liquidity, eliminating the possibility of rug pull.

Calculated Buy Backs

Those at JungleShiba have big pockets, if we see the price dip we will contribute money out of our pocket to buy such dips. This will assure that the price keeps moving in an upward momentum and will prevent whales from manipulating the price action.


This roadmap briefly states some of the targets the team at JungleShiba aims to achieve as the cycle of this token goes on.

JungleShiba Launch

Marketing Campaign through TikTok, Reddit and Twitter.

Community shill competitions which will allow us to grow as a community. Prizes of to up to 10000 USD for our top shillers

Burn up to 50% of total supply

Audit of Smart Contract by TechRate

Use our connections at CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap to expedite the listing process.

Farming and Staking

Airdrops for holders with a certain amount of tokens

Partnerships with the other members of the Doge family

Listing on established exchanges such as KuCoin

Charity project with DogTrust, the UK’s largest Dog Welfare Charity

Further Development of the EcoSystem

How to Buy

A short tutorial on how you can purchase the JungleShiba Token once we have launched.



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